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Dye Sublimation (Mugs, Mousepads, & More!)

Give Grandma a mug with the kids’ artwork on it, make a mousepad with an inside-joke for a friend, create company merch featuring your logo, award an employee with a personalized gift–the possibilities are endless!

CMI Project Ideas

This is our quote guide for mugs and mousepads. All prices include the item. We also have access to specialty items such as steins, waterbottles, shaped mousepads, and more! Those items have to be specially ordered , and aren’t part of the pricing below.

For mugs and mousepads, we use Dye Sublimation, which requires specially treated materials. Because of this we do not accept “bring your own” items, although if you would like to, we can help you do it yourself.

Price per Item1-45-1011-2526+
Ceramic Mugs (up to 15 oz.)$15$13$12$10
Standard Mousepad (7.75″ x 9.25″)$15$13$12$10
5″ x 7″ Metal Photo Panel$15$14$13$12
8″ x 10″ Metal Photo Panel$18$16$15$14
11″ x 14″ Metal Photo Panel$30$27$25$22

Contact us for any specialty items you are looking for!

Rush Fees are counted from the date we have received final approval for the design, which includes specific or custom item selection. The fees are as follows:

  • +25% 3 business days from due (EX – Ordered Tuesday,due Friday)
  • +50% 2 business days from due (EX – Ordered Wednesday, due Friday)
  • +100% 1 business day from due (EX – Ordered Thursday, due Friday)
    NOTE: we may not accept orders with this little time until due.

    For orders over 100 items, orders due within 10 business days will be subject to rush fees.

If you are looking to have us make apparel for resale, we have special partner rates available, once the cumulative orders exceed $500.

We contract with a designer, but we request images be provided in their final, print-ready format. We prefer .JPG files in CMYK. We can use .PDF, but it will require us to convert the file type.

Normally, we do not charge an art set-up fee, although for designs that require custom graphic design work, additional fees may apply. If you would like any work files, the fee will be based off of hours worked on the design (image modification, original image work, etc.).

Tell us about your idea and what you want us to make for you.

To get started, please email us at idea@cmi.ink, call at 720-663-8413, or book an appointment to come in!