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Heat Transfers to take home

We can make some heat transfers for you to make gorgeous t-shirts in high-resolution full color from the comfort of your own home (if you have a heat press) using our eco-sol transfers or single color designs with heat transfer vinyl (HTV) ! This option is perfect for side-gigs, home-based apparel businesses, or sports teams. We do recommend that you use a heat press as opposed to an iron because irons don’t provide a consistent heat or pressure. Below, you’ll find our quote guide. If you’d like more details, feel free to contact us by phone or email or set an appointment to visit the shop.

For small orders, if you have a specific deadline you need met, let us know and we will try to accommodate, although that may require a minimum quantity and also may have a rush fee. See the layout example below for a non-contoured 2.5″ x 3.5″ image.

File types/format:

For eco-sol transfers, we prefer a vector (.EPS) file that includes all lines as curves and cut contour layer (if applicable), although .PDF, .JPG, and .PNG can be acceptable, depending on what you would like us to do. If the file is not ready to print, we will charge a $5 setup fee per image.

For heat transfer vinyl, we prefer a vector (.EPS) file although .PDF, .JPG, and .PNG can be acceptable, depending on what you would like us to do. If the file is not ready to print (requires vectorization), we will charge a $5 setup fee per image.

Please export files no less than 150 dpi, although 300+dpi is preferred (this machine has a very high resolution!)

If you do not have your logo vectorized, we do offer that service for an additional fee, depending on the time it takes our graphic designer. Her fee is $30/hr.

Below is our quote guide and prices mean we will provide you the material plus the transfer tape (eco-sol transfers) for you to do the weeding (removing excess material) at home. Due to the highly varied nature of the jobs, an extra fee applies if you would like us to do that for you – contact us for a quote!

Eco-Sol Transfers (Full Color)
Price per item1-1011-2526-4950+Minimum order for normal turnaround
Up to 3.5″ x 3.5″$4.00$3.50$2.50$2.005
Up to 6″ x 6″$6.00$5.00$4.00$3.003
Up to 10″ x 10″$9.00$8.00$7.00$6.002
Up to 12″ x 12″$11.00$10.00$9.00$8.001
Up to 18″ x 18″$16.00$15.00$14.00$13.001
Complexity Charge$2.50$2.00$1.50$1.00N/A
Heat Transfer Vinyl (price per color)
Price per item1-1011-2526-4950+Minimum order for normal turnaround
Up to 3.5″ x 3.5″$3$2.50$2.00$1.505
Up to 6″ x 6″$4.00$3.50$3.00$2.503
Up to 10″ x 10″$6.00$5.50$5.00$4.002
Up to 12″ x 12″$8.00$7.00$6.00$5.001
Up to 18″ x 18″$10.00$9.00$8.00$7.001
Complexity Charge$2.50$2.00$1.50$1.00N/A

Rush Fees, also called “drop everything fees,” are counted from the date we have received final approval for the design, which includes specific or custom shirt selection. The fees are as follows:

  • +25% 3 business days from due (EX – Ordered Tuesday, due end of day Friday)
  • +50% 2 business days from due (EX – Ordered Wednesday, due end of dayFriday)
  • +100% Next business day (EX – Ordered Thursday, due by end of day Friday)
  • + 200% Same day
    NOTE: we may not accept orders with this little time until due. For orders over 100 shirts, orders due within 1 week will be subject to rush fees.

If you have a valid sales tax license and your products are intended for resale, let us know. Once you send us a copy of your sales tax license, you can take advantage of our wholesale rates, which is the lowest rate in a line. For example, a 3.5″ x 18″ heat transfer would be $3 each, even if you only print 5! Even better partner rates become available once the cumulative paid orders within a 12 month period exceed $500.

We contract with a designer, but we request images be provided in their final, print-ready format. Normally, we do not charge an art set-up fee, although for designs that require custom graphic design work, additional fees may apply. If you would like any work files, the fee will be based off of hours worked on the design (image modification, original image work, etc.).

Tell us about your idea and what you want us to print for you.

To get started, please email us at idea@cmi.ink, call at 720-663-8413, or book an appointment to come in!