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DIY Terms of Service

These are the terms of service for Color Me Impressed (Guildhall Galatea) related to our DIY service. These terms were last edited September 3, 2019.


  • By sending artwork, designs, logos, etc. to CMI, or by using any of our machines to reproduce such, you represent that you have the ability to authorize CMI to reproduce the work.
  • You accept full responsibility and any liability for any copyright infringement claims that may arise out of your use of our machines.


  • In exchange for our $5 per hour in-office charge, you have a license to use any of our machinery as long as you are on our premises. You must still pay for all materials you use.
  • The use of our machines is not a lease. You do not have exclusive possession or control of our items at any time and may not remove anything belonging to CMI from our premises. Moreover, use of any of our machines must be supervised.
  • The license to use our machines requires you follow our Code of Conduct.
  • The license to use our machines is contingent on safe operation of the machines, according to our instruction. If you use or operate machinery in an unsafe manner, your license may be immediately revoked and you may be removed from the premises.
  • Additionally, the license to use our machines can be revoked for any time and for any reason, or no reason at all.


  • You are free to use our machines for your own business or even to start your business on our machinery! However, we cannot guarantee that any machine is available at any particular time.
  • We are not responsible for any lost income, missed orders, or unhappy clients because you were planning on using our machines.
  • You waive all liability related to injuries sustained by using any of our machines or equipment.
    • Some machines heat up to over 400F and will cause burns if carelessly handled.
    • Some machines have sharp blades and needles that cause cuts or punctures if carelessly handled.
    • Many of the machines have powerful moving parts that can crush fingers and hands if carelessly handled.


  • As long as our machines are available, you may come in to use them. Since we also run a print shop, there are times that we have to leave the office. To make sure that we are in the office and available for DIY, please set an appointment with us, including the day, time, and how long you anticipate using the machines.
  • Since we block out appointment time for particular machines, that means that we don’t schedule other DIYers to come use that machine during the appointed time. If you miss your scheduled appointment without notice, you agree to pay $5 per hour for the full duration of your appointment. In other words, if you miss a 2 hour appointment, you will pay $10.
  • If this fee isn’t paid, you won’t be able to use our machines in the future until the amount is paid in full.


  • We will show you how to use our machines and supervise you while using them. If you have any questions, ASK FIRST
  • You are to follow the instructions we have provided related to the use of the machine.
  • You may not open the machinery to get at their inner workings. Moreover, if any machine is having an issue, you are not to attempt to diagnose, repair, or fix any machine. That is our job.


  • Printing is an inherently error-filled journey. You bear all risks of loss related to errors, mistakes, malfunctions, etc. This includes “banding” (horizontal lines caused by blockages or errors with the print heads) or other mis-prints related to operation of the machinery.
  • We will assist you with information and tips to reduce the amounts of losses and mistakes, however you still maintain all risk of loss.


  • Since we have a wholesale license, we can purchase some materials for you at your request. The price you pay will be what we can purchase the items for plus a small markup, to be determined by us.
  • We require at least 1/2 full payment as a nonrefundable deposit before we place the order. The deposit is credited against the full quoted price. Payment of the full quoted price must be made within 30 days from when we notify you that the order has been placed. You will be able to pick up the entire order once we have received full payment – we will not split the order or pro-rate it based on partial payment.
  • If full payment is not made after 30 days after we notified you the order has been placed, your deposit is forfeit. After that 30 days, we will offer the items for sale as we see fit.