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Tired of sending your logos, images, and artwork to a printer who may or may not do it the way you want to? Or perhaps you are looking for a cost-effective option to make items you need in your business?

You can do it yourself! Our machines are available for you to come in and use. The cost is a function of your time in office and the consumable materials you use! Don’t know how to use any of our machines? That’s okay! Our experienced staff are happy to show you how to use them and will always be on-hand if you have any questions! We don’t require anything special and there’s no additional charge to learn!

Our time charge is $5 per hour in office. This gets you access to any and all of our machines. This includes our staff being on-hand to teach you how to use the machines and also to help you minimize mistake and errors. Please note that even experienced professionals have plenty of re-dos, so if you’re bringing your own materials, please make sure to bring some extras, just in case!

Reserve your time with us to work on your project! Let us know what machines you want to use and if you want to order materials through us.

Check out our DIY Terms of Service