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DIY Promotional Products

There’s all kinds of things that you can put your images on, whether it’s your artwork, a fun idea, or you’re trying out ideas for your business! DIY means you control the process and save money too! Here are several processes you can use in our shop! Book an appointment to come in to use them!

Dye Sublimation

You can make:

  • mugs
  • mousepads
  • metal photo prints
  • signs
  • & More!

The cost is $3 per 8.5″ x 14″ sheet and $6 for sizes up to 13″ x 19,” with a $0.50 if you provide the sublimation paper. You can get as many items on each sheet as will fit! Other material costs will vary.


You can make:

  • Decals for cars
  • Business hours/window lettering
  • Signs
  • & More!

There are several kinds of adhesive vinyl, including Indoor & Outdoor-rated vinyl. The cost is $0.40 per linear inch. For example, some rolls are 20″ wide and if you needed a 1″ x 20″ strip, all you’d pay is $0.40 for materials.

Hot foil Press

You can make:

  • Business Cards
  • monogrammed books
  • imprints in leather

The hot foil press uses heat and pressure to imprint foil onto a surface. Most foils are metallic and can make things really stand out! The cost is $0.05 per impression or “print.”

Ribbon Printer

You can make:

  • Ribbons for convention badges
  • Decorative strips for weddings & parties
  • Name tags for gifts and other items

The ribbon printer is self-contained and has cartridges that contain ribbon and decorative tape combos. We also have software to customize the designs. The material cost to use is $0.50 per inch.

ID Card Printer

You can make:

  • ID Cards
  • Gift Cards
  • Business Cards

This is a small purpose-built dye sublimation printer designed to print on PVC cards. The material cost is to be determined.

3d Printer

You can make:

  • Small toys, useful items, Too many things to list!
  • Lots of 3d files available

This is a standard 3d printer with a heated bed and has a print area of 10″ x 9″ x 8.” Material cost is to be determined.