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We Aim to Color You Impressed!

Unlimited Colors ~ High Resolution ~ Variety of Products

Services (we do it)

Custom-printed apparel and products made by our experienced staff locally in Denver!  With unlimited colors and a minimum order of only one, your idea is our command.

Custom T-shirtsEmbroideryStickers & LabelsBanners (coming soon)
DIY (you do it,
we can show you how)

We are the only company in Denver that lets you come in to use our machinery to make items for fun or profit. If you’re looking to save some money or directly control the printing process, we’re happy to show you how!

Tips, Tricks, & Tutorials

Our blog where you can learn more about the different kinds of printing and some tricks of the trade on how to make sure your items come out the way you want them to.

Printed Apparel  |  Embroidery  |  Bags  |  Mugs  |  Metal Photo Prints  |  …and more!

With unlimited colors, high resolution,
and a variety of products, your idea can come to life!


Art to Product:
adorable watercolors by Visi Colors

Local Denver artist Visi Colors specializes in watercolor, creating pieces with soft gradients of many hues–the subtlety and detail of which DTG and dye-sublimation printers can capture! From canvas bags to coffee mugs, Visi Colors has been able to showcase this adorable artwork on functional products for sale online and at conventions.

VisiColors InstagramLearn More About DIY!

The Beauty of DIY

Expand your skillset, have creative reign in your project, experiment, save money–just a few reasons why our customers choose our DIY option for their projects. We’ll teach you how to use the machines and support you all the way.  Considering purchasing a machine of your own?  Try it out with us first!


Let your creativity run free with printing, embroidery, or a fusion of both! From witty t-shirt designs to the perfect finishing details, you get to create your unique style.  


Want to try out a business before taking the plunge? How about trying before buying an expensive machine?  You’re welcome to start your business using our machinery!


You can make personalized shirts for your class, put the kids’ artwork on a mug, make items for a fundraiser–the possibilities are endless!


Get your message out there and help generate funds by making items for your non-profit.  With our DIY option, your cost can be quite small, which means more money goes to your cause!  

Most Recent Tips, Tricks, & Tutorials 

Expand your knowledge and grow your skills!

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it–see who we’ve colored impressed!

Color Me Impressed lives up to their name! I am amazed by their unprecedented customer service, the excellence in quality and timeliness!
Customer service and willingness to help was incredible. I am already brainstorming ideas for my next order… I must say, color me impressed!

Mark B.


An absolutely amazing shop with an amazing group of people to work with! When I told them what I wanted on a shirt, they didn’t even bat an eye or question my insanity. Instead, I was given a plethora of options–colors, styles of shirt, materials of shirt. I’ve had the shirt for a few months now and worn it on many an occasion and washed it and loved it, and it still looks like it did the day I got it. Great, professional quality for all your printing needs!

Gage G.


Excellent service and outstanding quality. My exclusive spot to get my art printed on apparel. Five Stars!

Jose S.

tattoo artist